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Month: September, 2010

The Day After

The day after

You remember all the things you should have done

but didn’t

You remember all the words

left unsaid

You remember all the people

you shouldn’t have just walked by

The day after

You remember all the hugs

you never gave

And all the smiles

that you saved

And the waves

you should have paid

The day after

You remember the things

you know you’ll regret

And the people

you pushed aside

And the ones

you should have given your love to

Instead of where it now abides

Because the day after

You realize you can’t go back

To the day before

And make all the things right

That shall sit now and rot to the core

That’s what it looks like

The day after

The day after Love

A Love in Vain

Or maybe

It never existed in the first place.


I Need More than You

So usually I’m not very selfish

And I certainly try not to take advantage

I only complain when it’s absolutely ridiculous

But I’ll say it now: I can’t stand this.

Maybe I need to step away

And not talk to you today

So maybe when I talk to you tomorrow

You’ll actually have something to say

Because the quietness absolutely irks me

And the mundane drives me insane

I need more than just to look at you

Or this relationship thing will be all in vain

Because I can assure it won’t work

In reality it’ll just bore

Bore the hell out of you, bore the hell out of me

I like you but I just need more

I want to TALK to you

You know, laugh and just be merry

And focus on something other than the carnal

Into another realm is where I’d like to tarry

I’d like to speak to you on a different level

Dialogue in the midst of your soul

Tell me how you feel

Explain to me how you keep control

Let me know how you work

I’m an engineer, I’d love to see how you tick

Let me read your book

The story of life is infinitely thick

Or maybe just enjoy the moment

Laughing and playing around

Talking about the latest news break

But please don’t leave me without a sound

You stare into the heart of that damn phone

Probably more than you stare into my eyes

You don’t HAVE to do anything

You choose to – Well I don’t, Surprise!

Aren’t you surprised to know

That out of my 1650 friends

I talk to less than 5 percent of them

On a daily round of bends

You don’t have to respond to them

Or continue a conversation

Or make sure you know the latest gossip

Of Sissy and Angie’s latest temptation

I don’t ask to be the center of your life

That’s not the place I just HAVE to be

But maybe when we talk

Can it be a conversation between you and me?

And not one with him and her

Or with the text that scrolls through your phone

I mean we can talk about your friends, no problem

But don’t you realize this is the only time for us to be alone?

This is our only opportunity

To just be “together”

I’m just trying to let you know

If you want this, then let’s make it better

I need more than just your face

Or your gorgeous wittle smile

I need more than just your voice

What’s worse is none for a while

I need more than just you sitting there

I need what’s deep down inside

I need to see your heart

And where your soul abides

I need to be your friend

Who has random conversations

Or tell me about your day for once

Or your latest aggravations

And I’m not saying you don’t

But it’s definitely not that often

Let’s just not let this die

Into a bolted, sealed coffin

But in conclusion of my rant

I’ll never forget to say I love you

But let’s keep this alive

I need more than just you.