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Month: January, 2013


Open your eyes
See how the sun shines
Stretch forth your limbs
Grasp the beautiful lines

Scrape the horizon
From your incoherent confines
Shatter the glass of your normal
Touch the graceful lines

Whisk away the haze
For this world is clearly defined
Burn the choking fog
Clear the masking bind

Tangible is the path
For which your feet may seek
But the strong must find their way
And ignorance is for the weak

For one cannot describe the day
By looking about blindly
But who am I to say
That this is not what she can see?

And who is she to say
That she is not better than me?

No I cannot ask you to stand
On your very own two feet.
Because that would just be rude
And quite selfish of me.

So for that I must go on
And live in my own sobriety.



I count on my fingers
I wiggle my toes

The pen often looks for me
Dancing right beneath my nose
She knows my deepest sorrows
I’ve expressed to her my pain
The lines tell my somber story
Over and over again

But then I have those days
Where I forget
Or rather ignore
The purpose of my story
And what I’m writing for.

Because this isn’t about
or you
or you way back there
This isn’t a stage play
Nor am I a clown at a fair

I am not here to perform
This is not entertainment for a fare
I want nothing of yours
It is not for you I care

For when my pen strokes the count of 3
No eyes need be on me
I need no intro, conclusion, or applause
I need not your attention in between
All I need is the comfort
Of living within the four walls of my sanity
All I need is my pen
And all she needs is me.