The Prayer

Well hey there old man
It’s been quite a while
I haven’t tugged your tail recently
Or coaxed you for a smile

But I need a small favor
Please, just a simple request
I need you to touch the heart of another
And love him at your best

I mean, I know you can do it
I’ve experienced it first hand
The gentle passion of your touch
The tender care in your sweet plan

But this dear friend of mine
Has had it kinda rough
He’s been shown merely artificial
So he finds it hard to trust

And now he’s in a predicament
And little ol’ me can’t get him out of it
So I just need you to spread your perfect wings
And caress him in just the way
That you see to be fit

For only you can truly understand
The broken sorrows of his heart
And only you can stretch forth your hand
To fix the pieces that fell apart

Yes I’m praying for his mind
Please reach into his thoughts
Caress the gentle corners of his cheeks
When he feels his words are at a loss

Show him the meaning of happiness
Can only be found within
Oh, how I remember those crying nights
Of searching again and again

Because we’re looking for love in all the wrong places
And desiring what we simply cannot have
Please my dearest Father
Show his heart a more worthy path

Guide his feet with unmistakeable light
Order his steps in the most perfect line
Grace his heart with a joy like none other
Open the eyes of his sorrowed mind

Yes indeed, I say this prayer
For I remember once when it was me
At the alter I laid and cried
Not knowing where else to be

But from that very day forward
I knew it contently within my soul
That your love is everlasting
And that your hand has all control

And that happiness abides
On the gentle wings of the butterfly
Allow it to flutter across your mind
And your soul will never cry.

That is my prayer.
I say in that sweet heavenly name
For I know that you are with him
Even when I am not

Amen, and Amen again.