I am You


Do you hurt me?
Why do you love me?

Why do I care for you?
Because she cared for me too?

Because he showed you bit of love and affection?
Or rather subject you to heartless rejection?

Is that why your words burn so deep?
And my anger management has taken control of me?

Because the whips slashed his back,
And his hands strangled mine,
I have become something borne
unto the sands of time

See just like your affectionate kiss upon the cheek,
And your graceful calming touch
Has taught me, yes indeed
How to care and how to love

What have I become?
Just who lives inside this soul?
Who am I?
My fate is not in my control.

Because I am the air I breathe
And your recklessness has blackened my breath
And I am the songs you sing
Your tune bellows in my chest

And I am every single time he hurt you
And every word you said out of line
I am the chains that he bore across his back
And I am the trouble in the vine

I am the passionate love you made that night
I mean I couldn’t have gotten here any other way
I am the way you look her in the eyes
Every single day

I am every time you told him I love you
Because I’ll always be Daddy’s little girl
I am the pain in her eyes when you walked away
And shattered the remnants of her world

I am the vindication in your voice
Your words have toughened my skin
I am every no you ever said
That’s why I tried it again

And every time you doubted me
and her
and him
That’s we have risen up
And taken back our rightful win

Because we are not an independent people
But an interdependent people
Your shoulder carries my head
My tongue speaks life to the next

We must overcome the past
For a brighter new day
We must learn to walk in pride
not in jealousy and in hate

Yes we must remember that
Everything you do,
you are passing along to the next
And everything you touch
Can ultimately become your best
Or worst nightmare in a dream

We must learn to take the ultimate responsibility
For everything we speak
Becomes someone else’s reality

So when the day has come to an end
And you ask what have I done?
I say everything you told me to,
For indeed I am the one
who trusted with all my heart
Because you taught me not to hate

I am the one who gave everything I could
to make sure you always found your way
And every time my fists tightened
And my chest could barely move
I remember the days he swung and never missed
and knew that’s not what I’d do to you

So instead I took you in my heart every place I’d go
And showed the love and affection you showed me
Because I wanted everyone to know